Hanging Out In Houston

Since mom and dad couldn’t come up to visit us, Amanda, Donovan, and I went down to Houston to see them. We left on Amanda’s birthday and stayed through the New Year. As soon as we arrived at the house Josh, Laura, and Sean came over and opened their presents.

Then, we all ran out to a Mexican restaurant for Amanda’s birthday dinner. We had cake and enjoyed watching Sean play around. He’s such a cutie.

The next day, New Year’s Eve, we all went to see the movie “We Bought a Zoo” (loved it) and then Donny, Amanda and I hit the outlet mall. She got a Coach purse and wallet at 80% off. I got a Starbucks…ha ha! Then back to the casa for an evening of watching movies and waiting for 2012 to arrive. Mom and I spent it playing Words With Friends with each other. Amanda fell asleep before the big moment.

The next morning I bumped my way down the steps on my bum….that’s how I got UP the stairs too…ha ha…and we went to breakfast with mom and dad. Then it was on the road and heading for home. It was so good to see my parents…I miss them a lot and wish we lived closer.

Zach and I had to go back to work that week, but the boys in Joshua ISD got a whole week more off of school. Lucky boys!