You wish your family were this cool.

Ho Ho Ho…And We Need A Nap!

After an evening watching The Muppet Christmas Carol (always reminds me of when Amanda and TJ were little…they use to love the line “light the lamp, not the rat”) we hit the sack knowing we’d be up at 6am for the Estes Bunch Christmas.

The quiet before the Christmas storm.

There were TONS of presents to go around and Tony was Santa (as is tradition in our house). We started with a little coffee and stockings and then got down to some serious Christmas gift giving. Everyone had a good time and it

Our Christmas Ninja - Liam decided to wear his Halloween costume on Christmas morning.

looks like everyone is super happy with what they got this year. It was great to have everyone one around. I wish TJ could have been here, but there’s nothing we could have done about it – we couldn’t get in touch with him as his phone is down, and he didn’t call us until this morning. It was nice to at least say Merry Christmas. I know the whole family wanted to see him and it took a little of the fun out of the morning knowing he wasn’t there.

The gifts were awesome and everyone loved what they got. Best mushy moment was when Amanda gave Jason a plane ticket to go visit his dad. He got all choked up! I am in LOVE with the jewelry, fuzzy robe, and new scanner I got…and Amanda is now the Queen of Bling with two diamond necklaces and diamond earrings. The boys are loving their gifts –

Can't wait to hang this up in the living room! Thanks Amanda and Jason!

Bey Blades, video games, cool clothes, and money from their grandma…they’re already bugging me about when they can go out and spend it (lucky for me, I still can’t drive, so I don’t have to face the day-after-Christmas crowds just yet!). Zachary was so much fun to watch and we’ll have a good time playing with his games, toys, and TAG Reader later today.

We originally had planned for a turkey dinner, but when an opening came up on the hunting lease…our chef jumped ship to go hunting! We’re all hoping he gets himself a HUGE Christmas buck! Have fun, honey! Poor Jason had to run out and do some work before taking the rest of the day to hang out…so we’re waiting for him to come back as well. Amanda gave me a fabulous multi-picture frame with photos of all the kids in it and I’m anxious to have Jason hang it in the living room for me. As for dinner…hmm…wonder what fast food places are going to be open tonight…lol! We’ll save the turkey for another time. Maybe the end of January…TJ says he may come for his birthday.

There are a whole lot more pictures in the gallery if you want to see how our morning unfolded. I’m going to go scan in some cool stuff and scrapbook it! Merry Christmas to you all! God Bless You!

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