You wish your family were this cool.

Happy Birthday Baby!

I’m just in shock. My little baby is 10 years old today. It’s a blow when the baby of the family hits double digits. Sigh. After a yummy spaghetti dinner (I assume…as I don’t eat pasta)…we had a family party with friends, cake, and presents. Liam got a SpyNet watch that records audio, video, and still pictures. We may regret getting him that. Then he got lots of money from his uncle, Dusty, and us. Then…the big gift…a laptop! It’s just an older model with Windows 2000 that doesn’t connect to the internet (yet – Tony’s going to rig it up). He was so thrilled! I got him some PC games to play on it…and he’s already created some artwork in Paint. Then Amanda and Jason took him out to see the new Chipmunks movie – just the three of them! I’d say from the look on his face that he had a great night!

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