You wish your family were this cool.

Zombies, Ninjas, and Vampires…Oh My!

Another fun Halloween in Lakewood Estates! This year the boys were – Donovan: a Mortal Kombat game avatar, Caleb: a vampire, and Liam: a ninja. We walked around the neighborhood with our buddies, the Reeds. First Ally had to come over so I could do her hair and make up – she was a Zombie Prom Queen. Her dad, Billy, was a plague doctor from a video game – Assassin’s Creed I think. He scared the heck out of kids and parents alike! It was a lot of fun! Tony stayed at home and passed out candy…in a V for Vendetta mask. He also had his Harley out front…neon glowing and radio pumping. I think more guys came up to see the Harley than kids came for candy! A fun night all the way around. More pics in the gallery.

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