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Surgery, Holidays, and Birthdays…Oh My!

Sorry for such a long delay between posts…I’ve been laid up! On December 15th, I had my second surgery to remove my excess skin after my 169 lb weight loss.The surgery was a panniculectomy and a tummy tuck. They took 7.5 lbs of skin off my stomach, abdomen, and hips. Then they sort of pulled everything closed and stapled/sutured me shut. I had over 150 staples and an incision that runs all the way around my middle (from two inches on either side of my spine) and one that goes from the center of my chest down to intersect with the first incision. Ouch.

I’m healing up nicely though and the four drainage ports I did have coming out of my abdomen and legs have been removed so I can more around better. I have some really gross pictures of the actual skin they took off of me – and I’ll load those in my surgery gallery later for anyone who wants to see. Be forewarned…they’re very Texas Chainsaw Massacre gross! LOL.

The evening of my surgery, Donny had his Christmas band concert. I didn’t get to attend (obviously) but Amanda video taped it for me. She also video taped Caleb’s Christmas choir concert two days later. I’ll put up those videos just as soon as I rip them off of Tony’s video camera.

On the 20th, we celebrated Liam’s 8th birthday. We have a Wii and Liam loves to play the bowling game on the Wii. So, for his birthday he decided that he wanted to go bowling. Tony took the three boys bowling and then they came home for presents and a DQ ice cream cake that Liam had chosen himself. Here are a few pics from the day – more in the gallery.

Then it was time for Christmas. It was a little tough doing everything this year as I was barely up and walking, but we managed pretty well. Uncle Johnny came to the rescue by being our official gift wrapper. He wrapped ALL of the presents for me because I couldn’t. I’m glad we got our tree up BEFORE my surgery! Whew!

Our first Christmas stop was on Christmas Eve – we went to Bonnie and Ollie’s up in Denton…and it snowed! We were really worried about the trip home since Amanda drove up too – but we all made it safely. We got to see cousin Dillon and his wife, Marquee, and their little baby. It was a good time.

Then we had Christmas morning at our house – bright and early – ugh! It was a great Christmas and I think everyone got what they wanted. Tony surprised me with a diamond necklace and diamond earrings! They are stunning! I can’t wait to wear them to work and show the girls! Amanda and I also got Coach purses! Wow!

Two days later, Grandma and Grandpa Raab came up for a visit and we opened presents with them. We love spending time with G&G Raab! Tony made Korean stir fry, the guys watched football while we visited. Mom took the boys to see Avatar in 3D while I was at my doctor’s getting my drains removed…and then we all went to dinner at Babe’s so everyone could meet Amanda’s new boyfriend, Jason. The folks left really early Tuesday morning to avoid the bad weather – yes…more snow! It was a quick visit, but a good one. When you’re not feeling well, it’s always nice to have your mom around.
Visit the gallery to see lots of pics!

We did manage to get mom and dad to sit on Tony’s Harley and pose for some pictures! Here they are! Aren’t they cool?

We all had a couple of days to catch our breath, then it was time for Amanda’s 21st birthday! We took her out to eat for lunch, then she and I went shopping. I bought her a brand new outfit to wear for her birthday – down to the shoes! She and Jason and several of her friends went to Dave and Buster’s in Arlington to celebrate her birthday. Jason gets to live because he got her home safely (ha ha!). I’m sure she had a blast (she’s still sleeping, so I haven’t heard any details yet).

This New Year’s Eve will be a quiet one for us. We’re going to cuddle up and watch TV. Amanda is spending the evening with James and his family. And then at 2:30am, Tony is heading to the lease in Brady with his BFF, James, for a couple of days of hunting. I will be getting ready to go back to work (I scheduled training for my first day back…like an idiot). Hope I’m up to it! LOL!

I was disappointed that I didn’t get Christmas cards out this year – but with my surgery, a lot of stuff just didn’t get done. Ah well, next year! Hope you all had a fabulous holiday season and may your New Year be full of blessings!

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