Happy Birthday to Me…and a Parade!

Posted on December 8, 2009

On Saturday, Caleb rode on the NJE Choir Float in the Joshua parade. It was freezing, but Donny and I wrapped up and stood outside to watch him.

Then we listened to Caleb and the choir sing three songs. I will post video of the songs later, but here they are.

Caleb had a blast! We stopped at Sonic for a little dinner afterward. He has another concert on the 17th. I’m hoping that Tony and I will be back in town in time for us to go to it.

Monday was my 39th birthday. We had our family party the night before. Amanda Bertrand was back in town, so she and I went to dinner and did some shopping. Then we came home and I got to blow out the candles on my cake (well, it was a Boston Creme Pie). Tony couldn’t find a #9 candle, so he put out 38 plus 1…it looked like I was celebrating my 381st birthday. LOL!

Zach helped me blow out the candles…three times! ha ha!

John gave me a bottle of my favorite perfume…but he used quite a bit of packing tape to wrap it! I almost couldn’t get it open!

From my darlin’ husband and my sweet boys, I got exactly what I asked for this year – a beautiful new jewelry box!

And my girl gave me a beautiful ring from James Avery – the motherhood ring! I Love it! (For some reason in the picture it looks goldĀ  – must be the lighting…the ring is silver.)

On Monday night, Amanda and I went to see Blind Side at the movie theater. We had a great time. It was a terrific movie and we munched on Nachos…..and were just silly.

Then my mom – THE best mom in the world, I might add – left me a voice mail during the movie that was so sweet it made me cry! I love my mom!

My sweet friends at work had cake on Friday and gave me Starbucks gift certificates on Monday! Woot! I love the girls I work with! They rock!

All in all it was a great birthday! Can’t wait to see how my last year in the 30’s goes!

Next Tuesday is my surgery. I’m getting very nervous, but am still excited to get this stage completed! I’ll take some pictures and do some new measurements so we can compare the pre and post surgery me! LOL! I’ll blog about the experience, but probably not for a couple of days after surgery. Wish me luck!

This week at work I’ve been working on our Santa Claus visits from the North Pole. They went really well yesterday. More on Thursday and Friday…lots of video conferencing! Whew!

If you would, please pray for my sweet friend Teresa and her son Jason. He was in a car accident and has injuries to his right eye. Please pray that God will heal him and give them all strength! Thanks!

That’s all for tonight. More pics in the gallery – I’m just a little tired so hitting the sack early!

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